Was Justice Delivered? with Dror Bikel

Was Justice Delivered?

By Dror Bikel

Hosted by bestselling author Dror Bikel, twice named New York Divorce Trial Lawyer of the Year, Was Justice Delivered? delves into high-stakes legal cases without taking sides. Bikel sits down with Hollywood celebrities, prosecutors, and leading thinkers to find the compelling personal stories behind the flashy headlines. The show focuses on the most publicized legal battles of the moment, including celebrity divorces, the #MeToo movement, and civil rights issues giving listeners the opportunity to hear from both sides of the story and decide for themselves whether or not Justice was Delivered.

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  • Know Your Resources, Change Your Future: Domestic Violence Advocates in the US


    In this episode of Was Justice Delivered? Dror Bikel is joined by leading domestic violence survivors’ advocate and Vice President of Government Affairs at Safe Horizon, Michael Polenberg, to discuss free legal help for domestic violence survivors, how abuse victims find a safe place to stay, legal help for immigrant and undocumented victims of domestic abuse, securing T-Visa’s and U-Visa’s, legal assistance for trafficking victims, mental health counseling services for abuse survivors, low-cost immigration legal services, access to victim compensation, improving legal rights for domestic violence survivors, and more.
  • Through the Judge’s Eyes: The Domestic Violence Series


    In this episode of Was Justice Delivered? Dror Bikel is joined by Justice Rosalyn H. Richter, former New York Supreme Court Judge and leading advocate for domestic violence survivors, to discuss domestic violence cases from a judge’s perspective, what judges look for in testimony, why victims drop charges, hidden signs of domestic abuse, how violence allegations affect custody cases, how courts handle denials of violence, identifying instigators of domestic abuse, dealing with protective order violations, free legal representation for victims, valuable resources for victims and children, and more.
  • Spousal Abuse & Divorce - Harrowing & Inspiring Stories of Courage


    In this episode of Was Justice Delivered? Dror Bikel is joined by two incredible women who share their harrowing and inspiring stories of courage. Survivors of terrible emotional abuse and physical violence perpetrated by their husbands, these strong and fierce survivors discuss how they met their abusers, red flags during dating, initial acts of domestic violence, subtle progression of physical, verbal, and emotional abuse, neglect, coercive control, financial control, isolation from family and friends, abuser excuses, denial and acceptance, deciding to leave, the legal process, protecting the children, advice for abuse victims, and more.
  • Taking Action - Getting an Order of Protection in a Domestic Violence Case


    Was Justice Delivered? delves further into the battle of domestic violence in the judicial system. Host Dror Bikel speaks with Dawn Cardi and Philip Katz, two of New York’s premiere attorneys in the area of domestic violence. This episode delves into overcoming the fear of reporting domestic abuse, men as victims of abuse, professional women as victims, immigrants as victims, secretly recording incidents of abuse, handling false allegations of domestic violence, the step-by-step process of obtaining an order of protection, court-ordered parenting supervision, attorneys for the child, serving an abuser with a protective order, handling violations of protective orders, and more.
  • Pushing, Shoving, and Lying in Court - Domestic Violence in Court


    In this episode of Was Justice Delivered? Dror Bikel is joined by leading national domestic violence expert and forensic psychologist Dr. Daniel O’Leary to discuss how the courts define partner violence, how LGBT communities weigh in, why some men are more aggressive than others, when women are the perpetrators, red flags to watch for in a relationship, the impact on victims, how to escape an abusive relationship, how the courts determine whether a spouse is lying or telling the truth about domestic abuse, and more. Is your spouse legally abusive or just angry?
  • Welcome to Was Justice Delivered? Season 1 - A Deep Dive into Domestic Violence & the Judicial System


    What goes on behind the scenes of domestic violence cases? Do the courts really protect victims? Do abusers ever get a free pass? How do survivors ultimately escape abuse and reclaim their lives? In this season of Was Justice Delivered? Manhattan trial attorney Dror Bikel joins heroic survivors, judges, attorneys, advocates, and others to expose the labyrinth of factors at play in cases involving physical violence, coercive control, and other forms of physical and emotional abuse. Whether you’re a survivor, law student, journalist, or curious citizen, prepare to discover the hidden inner workings of the complex justice machine responsible for protecting our very lives.

The Host

Dror Bikel founded and leads Bikel Rosenthal & Schanfield, New York’s best known firm for high-conflict matrimonial disputes. A New York SuperlawyerSM and twice recognized (2020 and 2021) New York Divorce Trial Lawyer of the Year, Dror’s reputation as a fearsome advocate in difficult custody and divorce disputes has led him to deliver solid outcomes in some of New York’s most complex family law trials. Attorney Bikel is a frequent commentator on high profile divorces for national and international media outlets. His book The 1% Divorce - When Titans Clash  was a 5-category Amazon bestseller.

Was Justice Delivered? with Dror Bikel

Listen to compelling personal stories behind the flashy headlines. Then you decide, was justice delivered?

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