Crowd-surfing infant at Flo Rida concert was ‘dangerous’, say fans: ‘He held the baby up like Simba’

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Crowd-surfing infant at Flo Rida concert was ‘dangerous’, say fans: ‘He held the baby up like Simba’

It was an all-time “Low.”

A video of an infant allegedly crowd-surfing during rapper Flo Rida’s set at the Celebrate Erie festival in Pennsylvania on Saturday has gone viral, but fans on social media are criticizing concertgoers for bringing such a young baby to a show.

The video, which was posted on X (formerly Twitter), shows the baby being passed to the singer while he was belting out his 2007 hit “Low.”

Flo Rida, born Tramar Dillard, then takes hold of the child, footage showed, and holds up his mike to the infant, who has yet to be identified.

The baby later appeared onstage, being held by another member of the band as the crowd erupted into applause and cheers.

The Post has reached out to Flo Rida for comment.

Since being posted, the video has divided several internet users.

“Why the hell is a baby at a concert,” posted one fan.

“Our generation is just filled with terrible parents,” slammed a second person, while adding, “Why bring a child to a concert?”

“Omg? Why do people feel so comfortable bringing babies to concerts? Like so many things could go wrong in such a big crowd,” worried a third commenter.

Other users said that they found the interaction to be sweet.

“So cute, the baby was like ‘yeah pass me that mic,’ ” commented one fan.

“He held the baby up like Simba,” laughed one user referencing the iconic Disney film “The Lion King.”

“Looks fun but dangerous for the baby,” conceded a third person.

Many users also pointed out that the child did not appear to be wearing any protective hearing equipment, such as headphones or earmuffs, leading several people to call out the baby’s parents, alleging a lack of safety.

Dillard, 43, made headlines in March after his ex-girlfriend Alexis Adams claimed that the “Cake” singer was behind on medical and tuition payments for their disabled son, Zohar.

The accusations come after the singer’s 6-year-old son fell out of a fifth-story Jersey City apartment window.

According to Adams, the tyke’s medical bills have only increased.

“Zohar recently had a catastrophic accident and he needs more services now and it’s expensive and the father has the money and he’s not stepping up,” said Dror Bikel, Adams’ attorney.

According to Bikel, the Florida native offered his ex and Zohar a private insurance plan — but it’s so basic it wouldn’t cover all of the child’s care.

“He just got an $80 million judgment and his child is on Medicaid,” Bikel said referencing the singer’s $82.5 million win over the energy drink company Celsius for allegedly not fully paying him for an endorsement deal.

“It’s outrageous,” stormed Bikel.